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NBA 2K18 – Here's Why You Should Use the Companion App  


NBA 2K18 companion app is a free app that offers a number of game related features. Every year, the app is updated for the new NBA 2K game. The app has pretty much the same feature as last year's edition but the content is updated to reflect the changes. Players should know that they must link their NBA 2K18 account with the app to gain access to features. Most players download the app because of the face scanning tool. PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One users can create an ultra personalized avatar using their own facial features. Players will use the app to scan their face and then import the file while creating MyPlayer.

The app comes with various mini-games, convenience features, and ways to earn free coins. The mini-games variety includes quick games, PvP activities, and Playoff mode. Players have a list of daily objectives. When all tasks are completed, players get extra rewards. The mini-games are casual and provide a nice distraction. The app has its own version of MyTeam that is a collectible cards game. Players receive rewards if they log into the app every day. They will acquire packs that can be given to teammates. The app was updated with more than 300 new cards that are based on the current NBA season. These cards are used by players to compete against others and to take part in modes such as the Playoff tournaments.

Another compelling reason to use the app is the free coins that can be won. There are different methods to get coins. One of them is taking the 2KTV quiz. Players can watch the in-game TV show within the app. The app also grants access to the in-game store. Players can browse and shop for items for MyPlayer using their iOS or Android devices. The app also has a feature that permits locker codes management. Mobile access to MyGM and MyCareer is also possible thanks to the app. The companion app should not be mistaken for the mobile NBA 2K18 game that is a premium title.

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NBA Live 18 – Did You Get These Exclusive Gear Items?

NBA Live 18 organizes weekly events that give players the chance to earn special items such as Star Wars Battlefront II and Undefeated gear.  

Each week comes with something new for NBA Live 18 players. Even if the game is relatively new and has plenty of content, the team is adding weekly events that provide a great chance to get rare items. The Star Wars Battlefront II event allows players to get amazing Star Wars themed gear. There are two types of items that can be won during this event that lasts for one week. There is a court customization that is based on the Inferno Squad. This is a special team that fights for the Empire. Members of this squad are specially selected and trained to be an elite force ready to stand against all those who oppose the Empire. Players can also get all sorts of jerseys that also bare the mark of the famous Star Wars franchise. To get these prizes, special live events are held. Those who are interested in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II game have the chance to preview it on Origin Access.

If players have missed the chance to get Star Wars themed in-game items, they have another special event that comes with exclusive prizes. This time, the theme is not science fiction but it is as real as possible. NBA Live 18 teamed up with Undefeated brand to create and offer themed gear. Undefeated is a company known for its lifestyle brand items. The themes used as inspiration are urban culture, sports, and music. Undefeated clothing goes hand in hand with basketball. Players can get Undefeated gear and then take part in a contest using the items obtained as prizes like NBA Live 18 coins. Just like with the previous items, players have one week to obtain the gear. There will be some cooperative events that allow players to get crates. There are seven crates and players have approximately one day to get a crate. When opening a crate they will receive items like hoodies and sneakers. Throughout the event week, players can also get rare crates that have special items. All the gear obtained during this week gives players a shot at winning the Outfit of the Week tournament.


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